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  Vote - Right - Georgia 2012
News - April 1, 2012

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  Mitt romney predicts he'll be the GOP presidential nominee before the convention.  

View Palm Sunday page and listen to The Holy City

  Congressman Tom Graves
House-Passed Budget Offers Vision of Prosperity and Opportunity for America -
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  Sine Die - Last Day of Georgia General Assembly which lasted for 14 hours - click here to read  
  Gingrich revamps campaign to deny Romney nomination  
  Justices Ponder Striking Down Entire Obamacare Package  
  Ex-President George H. W. Bush to Back Romney.
Sen. Marco Rubio also endorses Romney
  Rove: Obama's Open-Mic Russia Comment Could Sink His Re-election  

Public Schools: Cheating Our Children
Suspicious test scores nationwide
(not just in Atlanta)




Santorum wins Louisiana, next matchup Wisconsin

  The Sad End of the Gingrich Campaign  

Anniversary of "Give Me Liberty or Give me
Death" speech by Patrick Henry

  Tax plan passes General Assembly  
   Which candidate has the most intriguing spouse?  
  Romney routs Santorum in GOP primary in Illinois  
  Jeb Bush’s endorsement, and the Etch A Sketch
in Mitt Romney’s futur
Linda Herren runs for Re-election - Georgia National Committeewoman to the RNC at the GOP State Convention on May 19, 2012


RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day announced the
first Blackboard to Blacktop workshop for Republican
women-- April 30th and May 1st

9th Congressional District
Sign up today to be on Martha's
Winning Team




Solicitor General gets kicked at Supreme Court hearing.



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