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  July 27, 2014

GA Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate David Perdue on the Mike Huckabee TV Show
   Fox News - Saturday and Sunday July 26 - 27, 2014

Out next Senator was looking very good on the Mike Huckabee show tonight. He is the one to defeat liberal Democrat Michelle Nunn on November 4, 2014. Outsider Perdue is the much needed new face for our U.S. Senate!  He very much favors Term Limits!! 

Sign up to volunteer and make a donation at www.PerdueSenate.com


A different kind of candidate.

If we want different results from Washington, we need to send a different kind of person to Washington. I'm giving Georgians a new option: an experienced business leader who can actually make a difference






David Perdue's Plan


The National Debt – rein it in!  - Comprehensive Tax Reform (Fair Tax) - Term Limits - Balanced Budget Amendment - Revitalizing American Manufacturing and Increasing American Exports - Local Control of Education (No Common Core) -  Energy Independence - Secure Our Borders - The Right to Bear Arms -
Defending Our Values


July 25, 2014

Breaking News: New Poll Shows Perdue Leading Nunn
 -- Bonnie Perdue to speak at the next RW of Hall meeting on August 23 in Gainesville!

In case you missed this one. . .  GREAT news for our Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, David Perdue. GREAT news for Georgia and the U.S.

We are so happy to announce that Bonnie Perdue, David’s wife,  will be the speaker at the next Republican Women of Hall Meeting on August 23 at the Holiday Inn in Gainesville - 9:00 a.m. breakfast, 9:30 meeting.  Visitors are always welcome. Please mark your calendar and send us your RSVP if you plan to attend.   This will be posted on our website with more information ASAP.

Bettye Chambers
Communications Secretary/Webmaster



We just received some breaking news!
The first public poll released since our victory on Tuesday shows us with a strong lead over liberal Democrat Michelle Nunn. 



We need your help today to make sure we're successful in November. There are only 101 days left until the election on November 4th. We can't waste a day in our campaign to make sure Harry Reid doesn't get one more vote in the US Senate to promote the failed agenda of this administration. Please invest $10, $25, $50 or more in our campaign today to help share our message about the clear contrast in this election. Sign-up to volunteer for our grassroots campaign now. Personal contact won the primary for us and it'll do it again in this general election.

Please let me know if you need anything. Together, we'll take our country back. 

On to Victory, 

Austin Chambers
Political Director
Perdue for US Senate 


Above message Paid for by Perdue for Senate  |  3110 Maple Drive, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30305  |  info@perduesenate.com  |  678-248-6444


Good one for the week by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle


  July 23, 2014

5 reasons David Perdue shocked Georgia’s political world to win GOP Senate nod

By Greg Bluestein and Daniel Malloy - AJC

David Perdue speaks at his runoff victory party (AJC/Hyosub Shin)                                                                  

David Perdue’s stunning victory over Rep. Jack Kingston was both a rebuke to Georgia’s political establishment and a reminder that November will be a very unconventional race. Here are five factors that played into Perdue’s upset victory:

1. Metro Atlanta’s Perdue support offset south Georgia’s Kingston backing.
While Kingston held onto his big margins in south Georgia, Perdue more than wiped him out with big showings in populous metro Atlanta and other urban areas across the state. Perdue’s camp was ecstatic that Kingston’s net margin over Perdue in Savannah’s Chatham County was 12,000 – close to what they expected. If Kingston landed the same vote totals in coastal Georgia he tallied during the May primary, he’d be waking up to a different headline today.

2.  A slow windup and powerful close. Perdue’s camp went up with its infamous “Babies” TV ads early in the primary to define the race. But in the nine-week runoff – the longest in state history – they largely held their fire until the final weeks before the contest. Perdue’s aides said that helped them refuel and better target Kingston. As we’ve noted, Perdue and his allies were vastly outspent by Kingston in metro Atlanta, but spent far more than him elsewhere in the state.  Read more

  July 22, 2014 -

Late night at Victory Party - Double Tree Hotel in Buckhead

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate David Perdue holds his grandson David Perdue IV as former Gov. Sonny Perdue looks at his election-night party at DoubleTree Hotel Buckhead on Tuesday, July 22,

David Perdue wins Republican Senate nomination

By Daniel Malloy
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Businessman David Perdue stunned Georgia’s Republican political establishment Tuesday by capturing the party’s U.S. Senate nomination in his first run for office.

The former CEO of Reebok and Dollar General toppled 11-term Rep. Jack Kingston by a narrow margin, setting up a battle of political newcomers with famous kin in the fall. Perdue’s cousin, Sonny, was a two-term governor and Nunn’s father, Sam, was a four-term U.S. Senator.

In addition to his famous last name and lingering political network from his cousin, Perdue deployed $3 million of his own money to back his bid. Still, he was outspent by Kingston and allied Super PACs – including the deep pocketed U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Kingston conceded the race as late-arriving metro Atlanta counties seemed to give Perdue a narrow win. Kingston hoped his south Georgia base would power him to victory, but lighter-than-expected turnout hobbled his chance.



  July 22, 2014 - 11:30 PM

This helps restore my faith in our election process!   I was afraid that huge amounts of money from sources like the Chamber of Commerce and special interest groups plus a candidate willing to tell blatant lies on his opponent had ruined our election process.  Our Georgia Republican voters were smart enough to see through this.  Thank you Georgia voters! -- BKC


Republican voters in Georgia chose David Perdue as their Senate

       nominee after a bruising nine-week runoff.

Businessman Perdue beat Rep. Jack Kingston by just over 1 percent in a late night finish. Kingston conceded the race just before 11 p.m.

▪ David Perdue Victory Speech

  •         Check GA Secretary of State website for election results.
    Election results by Counties

Perdue will compete against Democrat Michelle Nunn for a seat Republicans can ill afford to lose as they look to take control of the Senate.

The race between Kingston and Perdue remained neck-and-neck throughout most of Tuesday night.

It was 18 months on the campaign trail, including 15 debates and thousands of calls to voters.

The closely-watched campaign was shaped largely by each candidate's personal history rather than the issues. The two are both conservatives in a state that has been dominated in recent years by Republicans who hold every statewide office.

The race focused on whether Kingston's 11 terms in Congress were an asset or a liability, a sign he's a proven conservative or part of the gridlock in Washington. Voters apparently believed he was part of the gridlock in Washington.

Watch Channel 2 Action News This Morning at 4:30 a.m. for updates on this race and other results around metro Atlanta.

  July 22, 2014


So did I -- along with my family and many friends across Georgia!



July 21, 2014

My Husband


In case you missed this beautiful letter from Bonnie Perdue. . . she is a GREAT Christian wife and mother. Please forward this to anyone you know who would find this interesting.

Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA






I’m Bonnie Perdue. My husband David is running for the U.S. Senate. I'm writing you to ask for your vote and trust for David tomorrow. 

David and I grew up in Warner Robins. In fact, we met in elementary school. His parents were public school educators. David worked on his family farm and worked his way through Georgia Tech on the warehouse floor. He’s a shining example of how the greatness of America and her promise can be achieved through hard work, determination and faith.

We’ve been married 42 years and have two wonderful grown sons and three precious young grandsons. He’s always been a great dad and now he’s a proud grandfather. David’s never run for office before, but he believes the next generation deserves better than what the career politicians in Washington are leaving them.  

As I travel across our great state, I hear from Georgians who are concerned about the economy, the debt and jobs. David is uniquely qualified to solve these important issues. He’s spent his career creating jobs, balancing budgets and turning around troubled companies. He understands how government regulations passed by out-of-touch politicians are destroying businesses - he’s experienced it first hand.

David has always been a leader. He’s never afraid to take a stand for what he believes regardless of what others say or do. Doesn’t Washington need more people like that?

David grew up with the values of honesty, hard work, morals and trust in God. He has been a deacon and a Sunday school teacher because David lives by the values he learned growing up.

I believe Georgians are ready for real leadership.  It’s time to hold the people who created this mess accountable – the career politicians. If we continue to send the same people to Washington, we’ll continue to get the same results.

I know David will make a real difference in Washington and that is why he’s running. I promise he won’t disappoint you and I humbly ask you to vote for him tomorrow. 

With Kindest Regards,

Bonnie Perdue

P.S. – You can learn more about where David stands on the issues at www.PerdueSenate.com.



Paid for by Perdue for Senate  |  3110 Maple Drive, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30305  |  info@perduesenate.com  |  678-248-6444

  July 20, 2014


  July 21, 2014

Survey Robo Calls from Kingston Camp

Following e-mail is from a Republican friend in South Georgia in Kingston's district:

"Bettye:  Jack Kingston is desperate.  Yesterday, our County Chair got a recorded call. He has probably gotten ten and I have not received one.  They asked if he was voting for Kingston or Perdue.  He punched 2 for Perdue.  The voice then said, "David Perdue is for Common Core.  In light of this information, who would you vote for Kingston or Perdue."   Again, he punched 2 for Perdue.  Then the voice said "David Perdue is for Open borders.  In light of this information, they said would you vote for Kingston or Perdue."  Again he punched 2 for Perdue.  So then they hung up.  

Why is this allowed?  It is out and out lies! We all know that David Perdue is AGAINST Common Core and AGAINST open borders. Even if he were for Common Core and open borders, he would still be better than Jack Kingston, who is for whatever people pay him to be.  You can look at the National Chambers' agenda and you will get a good idea of what he is for, whether he likes it or not, because they own him lock, stock and big ego in a little man's body! "

This sounds like the Kingston camp is making a survey of GA GOP County Chairs to find out how they are going to vote. It is so sad that Kingston or any candidate has stooped this low.  What has happened to integrity in our Republican primaries?  We are not surprised when the Democrats run campaigns like this -- but we expect more from Republicans!  No wonder good people are reluctant to run for an elected office when this is the way they are treated. Is there no decency left  in politics? Hope they are not working on another slimy TV ad.  Have any of you received this recorded call? - VRG webmaster


Where David Perdue stands on LIFE

See the questionnaire that he filled out for the National Right to Life on April 10, 2014 with his signature.  His opponent has even put out information saying that he never filled out a form and hinted that he was not prolife.
Click here


  PolitiFact: The Roundup - July 20, 2014

Read latest lists of Mostly True and Mostly False accusation by Perdue and Kingston regarding the Senate race.  It seems that most of what Perdue said was mostly true contrary to what Kingston had claimed. Read for yourself.

July 20, 2014

Meet David at these airports on July 21

Perdue Election Night Victory Party

7 PM
Doubletree Hotel Buckhead

3342 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326
Perdue campaign supporters are invited!


Georgia Ethics Probe 2014

Ethics memo raises big questions for GA Governor Deal

Posted: 12:00 a.m. Saturday, July 19, 2014 By Aaron Gould Sheinin and James Salzer -
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - In Sunday  paper edition




Read very lengthy and informative story in AJC

State ethics commission director Holly LaBerge was taking a vacation from a job she’d held less than a year when a text message popped into her personal cellphone from Gov. Nathan Deal’s chief of staff.

“So, since you are at the beach, with your feet in the sand and probably something cold to drink. Does this mean we can resolve all the DFG (Deal for Governor) issues by Monday?:),” Chris Riley wrote in a message sent July 16, 2012, concluding his text with the emoticon for “smiley face.”

  July 20, 2014

Atlanta Forward: Education

 GA State School

 Superintendent Race

Read article

By Maureen Downey - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(I am voting for Richard Woods and hope you will, also. He is very much against Common Core. Buck is FOR the status quo and CC.
 I rarely agree with Maureen Downey -- Bettye)

The four candidates for state school superintendent in the Tuesday runoff (from left): Democrats Valarie Wilson and Alisha Thomas Morgan, and Republicans Richard Woods and Mike Buck.

Our new Georgia election calendar means voters have to return to the polls Tuesday to vote in the runoff for several key posts, including the Democratic and Republican nominees for state school superintendent. The four candidates know their fates depend on turnout, and I describe their last week traveling the state to remind voters of the election. If any of the candidates is looking for advice on retaining good teachers, a young teacher offers some advice in a guest column on improving conditions for his profession. And readers sound off about the election, including whether the state school superintendent has any real power anyway.

» Join the conversation on MY AJC blog

  July 19, 2014

David Perdue RV Bus stops in Forsyth County at the famous Kinsey Family Farm on
  Jot-Em Down Road outside of Cumming

This was another enthusiastic crowd anxious to hear David's message.


Bettye Chambers's photo.


1.      David Perdue RV Bus stops in Lawrenceville on Saturday, July 19.
Good crowd especially for a rainy morning. The Republican voters responded very positively to his message.




  July 18, 2014  

From the Perdue RV on the road

It's important and I wanted you to see it. This morning Politifact debunked another Lie from Jack Kingston and his campaign. This one about David not voting. Please take a look at the article below and forward it along to your friends + family and remind them to vote.  Today was the last day for early voting. If you have not yet voted, go to your regular precinct on Tuesday, July 22.

Austin Chambers 
Political Director 
Perdue for U.S. Senate
3110 Maple Drive, Suite 400 
Atlanta, GA 30305
678-248-6444 Office 



Russia does it again!



  July 17, 2014
  Urgent message from Herman Cain -- Run-off election for U.S. Senate on July 22
In case you missed Herman’s recent message. . .  I trust Herman and believe what he is saying. There are so many lies flying around from Perdue’s opponent, that it is very frustrating.  No wonder many people get disgusted and do not go vote. However, we MUST vote in this VERY important run-off on July 22, 2014.  Early voting ends on Friday, July 18.

Dear Patriot, 

This is Herman Cain and I've got an urgent message about the run-off election for U.S. Senate on July 22nd. We know people who have spent too much time in Washington DC have a hard time distinguishing between fact and fiction. The attacks against David Perdue are false and have been called "distortions" by outside groups and independent fact checkers.

This happened to me when I ran, so I know what it's like. I'm strongly supporting David Perdue for US Senate and I think it's time to set the record straight. 

Simply put: The attacks against David Perdue are not true. Don't believe them. 

I believe you deserve to know the truth!

  • David Perdue opposes amnesty. 
  • David Perdue opposes Obamacare. 
  • David Perdue opposes Common Core. 
  • David Perdue opposes raising taxes. 
  • David Perdue opposes the bailout. 
  • David Perdue opposes the stimulus bill. 
  • David Perdue supports the 2nd amendment. 
  • David Perdue supports the FairTax. 
  • David Perdue is Pro-Life.  

These are the facts - David Perdue is the true conservative outsider. 

David has a distinguished career in the private sector helping grow businesses for 42 years and he's never run for political office. That worries the politicians and political class in Washington. They know he'll change the status quo and challenge the establishment. He's an outsider and that's exactly what we need in Washington. They can't control David Perdue, so the PACs and lobbyists have lined up with his opponent. But together, we the people, can win this race and take our country back.  

Please join me in supporting David Perdue for US Senate. 

Thank you and God Bless! 

Herman Cain


July 22, 2014 or Vote Early through July 18



Paid for by Perdue for Senate  |  3110 Maple Drive, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30305  |  info@perduesenate.com  |  678-248-6444


Jack Kingston has Surrendered on Obamacare

By: Daniel Horowitz (Diary) on Red State -

Democrats are stewing in the misery of Obamacare’s disastrous side effects.  We have a solid point of leverage coming in January to fight Obamacare in the budget.  As we’ve explained, we have stronger leverage this time around than we did in October.  However, that leverage is only predicated upon a united Republican Party committed to getting rid of Obamacare.  Sadly, the recent comments by Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) suggesting that we should help fix the law serve as a vivid illustration of why we failed the battle to defund the law. . . .

The scary thing is that Kingston is the chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on healthcare.  What is ever scarier is that he wants to be the next U.S. Senator from Georgia.  We all know that the Senate has a way of turning those who are conservatives into statists.

Read more

Harry Reid -- A huge reason why we must take back our Senate on November 4, 2014

Perdue RV Bus Tour - Final Week

Dear Republican Friends in Hall County and other areas

This is a reminder of where the Perdue RV Bus will be stopping in Hall and other locations now through Saturday, July 19.  Read entire schedule at https://perduesenate.com/get-involved/rv-bus-tour.html


Hope you watched the ONE Runoff Debate Sunday evening at the Atlanta Press Club.  David Perdue looked really good while Kingston’s primary contribution was to bash David.  See for yourself -- the video of this debate is archived on The Atlanta Press Club website below.  Click on the first video in column three of this web page:  http://atlantapressclub.org/index.php   Read more about this and other Republican news of interest at www.VoteRightGA.org  --  Listen to Herman Cain’s message below where he tells us why he supports David Perdue.  I agree 100% with Herman’s reasons for voting for David!

"Cain" Perdue for Senate Radio Ad

Published on Jul 10, 2014

Herman Cain sets the record straight about the attacks against David Perdue. Click here to listen to this radio ad. Learn more about David Perdue at https://perduesenate.com/ 

If you are happy with the way things are going in our Congress (which has a 9% approval rating), then vote for the establishment and career politician, Jack Kingston, who has been in the GA State Legislature and Congress for 30 years.  If you are not happy with our Congress, then vote for the “outsider” David Perdue who is the experienced business leader who can actually make a difference. He has the courage and determination to get the job done and will challenge the status quo. He is not tied to the demands of the establishment, lobbyists or the liberal Chamber of Commerce which backs Kingston.  Regardless of what you hear, David Perdue is very opposed to Common Core.

I hope to see you at Curt’s Wednesday morning and also in Forsyth County on Saturday.  If you have not yet met David Perdue, you owe it to yourself to do so.  He is the REAL thing.  PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Many thanks!

Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA

“I am not a paid member of the Perdue team – just a concerned GA Republican.” 

Perdue RV Bus Schedule - Short Version
Wednesday, July 16th
7:30am  - Hall County , Curt’s Cafeteria, 3440 Branch Drive, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

8:00am - Hall County, Loretta’s Country Kitchen, 4305 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood, GA 30566

Saturday, July 19 -
Forsyth County, The Kinsey Family Farm, 7140 Jot-em Down Road , Gainesville, GA 30506

Read entire schedule at  https://perduesenate.com/get-involved/rv-bus-tour.html

July 14 - 15, 2014

Governor Deal and Ethics Charges

This could hurt many other Republicans running for office in November

Jason Carter calls for fresh probe into handling of Deal ethics case - AJC
Holly LaBerge: ‘My reputation is destroyed. I am toxic - AJC
Why Holly LaBerge went public - AJC
Nathan Deal on memo: ‘Why were we all in the dark?’  - AJC
Ethics chief claims Deal aides pressured her, threatened agency  - AJC

July 13, 2014
   U.S. Senate Final Runoff Debate on Sunday, July 13, at 7 p.m. on GPB
Kingston, Perdue hone attacks in Ga. Senate debate - Read article

   By CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY - Associated Press


  View video:  http://atlantapressclub.org/index.php  Click on the first video in column three of this web page

Kingston used many words and much time to answer questions posed by the panel. Perdue's answers were much more concise and to the point. Kingston's criticism of Perdue dominated his answers.
  U.S. Senate Final Runoff Debate on Sunday, July 13, at 7 p.m. on GPB

On Sunday, July 13, Atlanta Press Club will host U.S. Senate and Congressional debates at Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) located at 260 14th Street NW in Midtown

State School Superintendent Republican Debate at 6:30 p.m.  Read more -



     Politifact: The Roundup --Truth-O-Meter - U.S. Senate Race
Remarks made by Jack Kingston and David Perdue
    from AJC, Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who is telling the truth in the GA U.S. Senate race?  
Interesting to see that the Perdue remarks have been mostly true unlike Kingston remarks. View MyAJC - under Truth-O-Meter in column one click on B6.  This was in the Sunday AJC paper version and the digital version MY AJC.


Immigration and Kids at the Border


click on thumbnail
cartoons to enlarge


David Perdue has won that FairTax race!

Forward to Friend | If you are unable to read this, click here

U.S. Senate Candidate David Perdue in Flowery Branch at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 16.

Tell David Perdue in person that you really appreciate his strong support for the FairTax.

Dear Friends

The U.S. Senate race has been heating up and there has been a horse race to see who will be our strongest FairTax advocate in the U.S. Senate.  David Perdue has won that FairTax race!

It is about a strong economy and "Made in America" jobs!  Only the FairTax can do that!

I strongly encourage you to attend the following events, advocate for the FairTax, and tell David Perdue that you really appreciate his strong advocacy for the FairTax.


Perdue for Senate RV Tour

     7:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 16

     Hall County

     Curt's Cafeteria

     3440 Branch Drive

     Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Need more info?   Call Chris Perkins at 678-248-6444 or chris@perduesenate.com

For a complete list of Bus schedule, click
It will be in Forsyth County on Saturday, July 19 at 12:30 p.m.
Gwinnett County on July 19 at 10:30 a.m.




C. Tom Brown, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Georgians for Fair Taxation



July 22, 2014 or Vote early through July 18


Bonnie Perdue tells Republicans they are important to her

  Fannin Sentinel Newspaper - by Elaine Owen, Editor - read article

  July 11, 2014

Another timely and true cartoon by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle

Please support Richard Woods for State School Superintendent

   He is the only candidate who opposes Common Core. Read more



As a retired school teacher, I have heard him speak several times and am very impressed with what he has to say.  I have talked to him one or one, and he is real person for this job.  He is the first candidate for this position who has ever voiced exactly the things that are important to me and our ailing public school system across the state. He very much opposes the dreaded Common Core Curriculum!
Bettye Chambers - VRG Editor/Webmaster


The newest threat to Georgia education

The College Board, now led by Common Core "architect" David Coleman, is about to implement a revised Advanced Placement U.S. History course. This course presents a slanted, leftist view of American history that (among other things) doesn't mention the Founding Fathers and barely mentions the Declaration of Independence. We've posted extensive information on this issue here:


As you can see, this AP course -- which will be taken by our best and brightest students -- conflicts radically with the Georgia Performance Standards for History. Thus do unaccountable outsiders increase their reach and control over GA education.

We need state boards of education to demand that the College Board retract and rewrite this new AP US History course. Time is short -- the course goes into effect this fall. The GA State Board of Education meets on Friday, July 19. We're working with two members to get this issue heard, but we need calls and emails. The website gives information on how to do this.

This is the latest, and potentially most dangerous, front in the education wars. If Coleman and Co. can usurp state standards through the AP courses, it won't really matter whether the schools -- even private schools -- have Common Core. Please sound the alarm. Thank you!

 Jane Robbins

Read more

 CWA - Concerned Women for America of Georgia


Georgia U.S. Senate Race


David PerdueDavid Perdue to get a boost from his best-known backers
   Political Insider – AJC – July 11, 2014

Rep. Jack Kingston may have sucked up most of the big-name Republican support in the July 22 GOP Senate runoff. But his rival, businessman David Perdue, is about to get a boost from his two best-known backers. Perdue’s first-cousin, former Gov. Sonny Perdue, will soon be featured on a TV ad boosting his candidacy, as well as campaign stops in the hours before the vote. And Herman Cain, who hosted a fundraiser for Perdue on Thursday night, will soon be featured on radio ads.
Read more



"Cain" Perdue for Senate Radio Ad

David Perdue

David Perdue - Published on Jul 10, 2014

Herman Cain set's the record straight about the attacks against David Perdue.
Click here to listen


July 11, 2014


View photos from Perdue RV Tour across Georgia

David will be traveling across Georgia on an RV bus to meet with voters and share his ideas to fix the mess in Washington. Come join us at a stop near you and sign your name on the bus to endorse David. We hope to see you on the road! See schedule.  View photos


David Perdue gets an endorsement from young GOP professionals

  Jim Galloway of Political Insider - AJC - July 10 0  Read article


Herman Cain wants to ‘set the record straight’ on David Perdue
Political Insider blog
-- politics.blog.ajc.com

Don't believe the Vincent Harris comments since he is a paid political tech guy who supports Jack Kingston.
I believe HERMAN CAIN, our local and longtime friend.

By Daniel Malloy
AJC – May 19, 2014

 After a quick rally capping David Perdue’s election eve fly around, Herman Cain pulled the candidate aside in the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport hangar to give what appeared to be a pep talk.

“I’m here to have your back,” Cain said he told Perdue. The radio host and former presidential candidate went on:

“If somebody lies or puts out a hit piece or distorts what you said, let me know, and I will use my voice to set the record straight. Because that’s what’s wrong with politics. You get attacked just before Election Day and when he gets in the runoff … the Democrats are going to have two months to trash him. And I’m going to be right there to set the record straight.”

Cain joined former Gov. Sonny Perdue and longtime GOP honcho Alec Poitevint to introduce David Perdue, the businessman who leads in the Republican polls heading into Tuesday’s Senate primary. Cain assured the crowd that the former Dollar General CEO is not an “establishment” pick:

“The reason that I support David Perdue is really simple, and I think that most intelligent thinkers can figure this out: He is not going to become a part of the status quo establishment, and he understands how to identify problems, what the problems are and how we solve problems. Because what we need most are people who are not afraid to rock the boat, solve problems, and put bold ideas on the table.”


There were whispers that there was more to this story, as Vince Harris, a digital consultant for Karen Handel, postulated on Twitter: 

"I wonder how much David Perdue paid for the Herman Cain endorsement.... #gasen"

The comment drew the ire of Team Perdue. Asked Monday whether there was any financial arrangement between him and Perdue — to help retire presidential campaign debt or otherwise — Cain was emphatic.

“As my grandfather would say, hell no,” Cain said. “Hell no. This is what’s wrong with politics. And many of the people who have been in politics a long time, they know that all they have to do is throw a lie out there and if you don’t go to the source — I’m glad you asked me about that so I could correct it.”


    Our family saw this recently at the Mall of Georgia in Buford.  We all agreed. This was a GREAT
    documentary movie and should be viewed by every American citizen.  It should be required viewing
    in every public school in this country.  Unfortunately that may never happen until all public
    schools are taken back from the liberal left.

Dear Friends,

This week, Rush Limbaugh highlighted the A+ Cinemascore rating that America received in theaters. He was so impressed by the rating that he spent a good portion of his show discussing the movie and the book. He explained, "Only 52 movies have gotten an A+ in the last 29 years. So that's not even two a year. Only 52 movies have gotten an A+. Titanic was one. The King's Speech was another." Read the full transcript of his discussion here.

Rush's take-away for his listeners? "Audiences stand up and cheer. Some audiences feel compelled to sing the National Anthem at the end of it. It's no wonder it's getting an A+ from those who see it. Find America: Imagine The World Without Her in a theater near you this week." Click to listen to Rush's broadcast on America.

Yesterday, my publisher informed me that not only has Costco re-stocked their shelves with my book, they have ordered 25,000 new copies. This comes following their controversial decision to pull America from their shelves last week.

This is a tremendous victory, and I'm so grateful. Not to Costco, but grateful to you, my friends and supporters around the country – many of you Costco customers – who were outraged at what they perceived to be an act of censorship. I recorded a special video thank you message to my supporters. Watch here:

In another questionable set of circumstances, The Hollywood Reporter covered the difference in the way Google returns results for my movie and the way it returns enhanced results for other major movies out today. Notice anything different in this picture?




July 8, 2014



The Ghost of Eric Cantor

Short Takes by George McClelland of Gilmer County, GA

The ghost of Eric Cantor’s humiliating loss of his situation in Virginia’s 7th, which included his House leadership position as well, simply doesn’t seem like it want’s to go away. Former Virginia lieutenant governor Bill Bolling, opining on Cantor’s loss, said that he was “extremely disappointed” by the vote. Then, like Democrats who play the race card and the War on Women card, he played the “extremist’s” card in his response to the supposed Tea Party success that defeated Cantor. The ghost of Cantor’s defeat has been seen in Kansas and Tennessee as well. Could it happen again in Georgia?  Read more

 July 7, 2014


 David Perdue Speaks at the South Hall Republican Cub

A full house was present at the South Hall Republican Club on Monday, July 7, 2014 at the Sprout Springs Library in Flowery Branch. The first speaker of the evening was David Perdue, candidate for U.S. Senate from GA to replace Senator Saxby Chambliss who is retiring.  He was introduced by Club President Mark Wall. David Perdue's opponent on the July 22 runoff ballot will be Congressman Jack Kingston who has been in Congress for 22 years and eight years in the GA Legislature.

Left and below:
David Perdue

Garrett Wiley, Regional Director for the GA GOP in Hall County appeals to audience for help in getting out the November vote
please read more about Garrett's plans


  A very attentive audience seemed to like from David Perdue had to say. He spelled out very plainly what he would do in the U.S. Senate if elected. He is the outsider and not a career politician with 30 years in elected offices like his opponent. He is a semi-retired very successful business man who wants to go to Washington and not be be part of the establishment with ties to special interest groups and lobbyists.  He answered many very interesting questions written out by concerned member of the audience. Topics included -- Common Core -- IRS -- Balancing the budget -- Term limits -- Jobs -- Education -- Social Security.  BTW, he is VERY much against Common Core and FOR term limits. He was born and reared in middle Georgia, worked his way through Georgia Tech and is married to Bonnie Perdue. They met in the first grade.  David and Bonnie have two sons, David III and Blake. David III lives in New York with his wife Danielle and their son David IV. Blake lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Charlotte and their son Hudson.

Perdue is a different kind of candidate.

"If we want different results from Washington, we need to send a different kind of person to Washington. I'm giving Georgians a new option: an experienced business leader who can actually make a difference."  Read more about David Perdue

Remember to vote on July 22 or vote early. Please remind everyone you know to help get out the vote!



Immigration Problems



    Ray Stevens - Come to the USA

    A must view!

  July 6, 2014  

JACKed up!

Kingston can't seem to tell the truth.

(click on thumbnails to enlarge)

ATLANTA, GA (July 7, 2014) – With little more than two weeks left before the Runoff Election for US Senate, it has become apparent that Congressman Jack Kingston is willing to utter any lie he feels necessary to get elected.  You have no doubt viewed his countless TV ads filled with false and previously refuted mistruths about his opponent.  Congressman Kingston has been chastised by both FactCheck.org and PolitiFact for knowingly using false info in recent TV ads.  Jack has been defiant and has continued to air the same false ads.  Most people would agree, that’s JACKed up!

In light of this, it has become necessary to launch www.JackedUpSenate.com to reveal   the JACKed up truth about Congressman Jack Kingston’s voting record.  The site will also serve as an outlet to reveal the outright lies and distortions made by the 22-year career politician about his opponent.  Jack and his campaign can be assured that each time they release additional false information in this race, we will be here ready to flood the internet with the truth about the JACKed up Congressman from Savannah.  Check the site often for new information and also join us on www.facebook.com/jackedupsenate

hington D.C. is JACKed up enough.  Let’s not make it any worse with career politician Jack Kingston! 


Media Contact:

July 4, 2014
  Sad but true!

What must we do?

Step 1.
We must work to save our country as we know it by taking back our Senate in 2014.

Step 2.

Take back the presidency in 2016 by electing a conservative Republican  who will be dedicated to undoing the damage done by the current administration and bringing our country back. View the movie America by Dinesh D'Souza. See below


    Review by John Eidson OF Cobb County.

    Totally undermines the progressive notion that America is a fundamentally unjust place that can be set right only by replacing the economic & governing systems that creat...ed the most free and decent nation the world has ever known. Unless you believe, as many Americans have been taught, that your country has been a force of plunder and oppression around the world, seeing the reenactment of Washington leading his men into battle will give you chill bumps.
    If you’re think you’re already proud of your country, wait till you see AMERICA. Click here to find a theater near you. http://www.americathemovie.com/showtimes/
    See More



  1. Happy Independence Day!
       Declaration of Independence Final Version - July 4, 1776


      Speakers on for music.


    Signers of the Declaration


June 29, 2014

Favorite Cartoon of the Week
by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle



The season is here and the fight is on!
Remember to vote on July 22 in GA for U.S. Senate -- David Perdue
Vote Richard Woods for State School Superintendent

Claim by Jack Kingston

U.S. Senate candidate David Perdue’s company took $3 million from the federal stimulus program that President Barack Obama created.


Jack Kingston on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 in radio and television ad. Is Kingston claim more rhetoric than reality?

Jack Kingston on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 in radio and television ad

In a provocative ad now airing on television and radio, U.S. Senate candidate Jack Kingston tries to tie his Republican runoff opponent, businessman David Perdue, to President Barack Obama.

An Obama impersonator leaves a faux voicemail for Kingston, asking him to "ease up" on Perdue because "he’s my kind of guy."

Perdue and Kingston, a veteran U.S. congressman from Savannah, are locked in a heated Republican runoff to be the party’s nominee to succeed retiring U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss. In November, the winner of the July 22 runoff faces Democrat Michelle Nunn.

In his ad, Kingston claims Perdue's company took $3 million from the federal stimulus program that Obama created to jump-start the economy. Kingston opposed the stimulus, and some critics say it was a waste of taxpayer money.

But is the claim about a Perdue company taking stimulus money true? Or is it more rhetoric than reality? PolitiFact Georgia wanted to know. Click here 


Letter to the IRS from America


  1.            Supreme Court backs Hobby Lobby, OKs contraception exemption

    Court: Religious rights trump birth control rule - Hobby Lobby wins! 
    AJC: Monday, June 30, 2014 | Posted: 5:12 p.m. Monday, June 30, 2014


    The Associated Press - WASHINGTON —

    A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that some companies with religious objections can avoid the contraceptives requirement in President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, the first time the high court has declared that businesses can hold religious views under federal law.

    The justices' 5-4 decision, splitting conservatives and liberals, means the Obama administration must search for a different way of providing free contraception to women who are covered under the health insurance plans of objecting companies.

    Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his majority opinion, over a dissent from the four liberal justices, that forcing companies to pay for methods of women's contraception to which they object violates the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He said the ruling is limited and there are ways for the administration to ensure women get the birth control they want. Read more


Hobby Lobby 2nd Most Important Decision SCOTUS On Monday, June 30, 2014 

ConservativeByte.com - Posted on June 29, 2014  


The liberals over at Think Progress are more worried about their precious Unions not being able to steal money from workers than they are about ObamaCare being overbearing. . .

Hobby Lobby is a major case, with tremendous implications for whether religious conservatives must obey the same rules that apply to the rest of society, but there is another case pending before the Court that has even greater implications for what kind of nation America will become. On Monday, the Supreme Court is expected to hand down two cases, Hobby Lobby and a lesser-known case called Harris v. Quinn. Of the two, more is actually at stake in Harris than in Hobby Lobby.

Read more at http://conservativebyte.com/2014/06/hobby-lobby-2nd-important-decision-scotus-monday/#x0ZKLCyoSkZGLp36.99


More About Common Core!

Georgia needs to abolish this in our state!  Tell Governor Deal who still seems to favor it. So does the Chamber of Commerce!


“David Coleman Attacks Students’ Love of America”
By Donna Garner 6.24.14
Click here to read  -- this will make your hair stand straight up!

Common Core Sample Lesson Teaches 'Evolving Nature of Constitution'

Breitbart.com 6/26/14

A sample Common Core lesson plan for 8th graders, provided by a nonprofit group founded by the three lead writers of the Common Core standards, teaches that the U.S. Constitution is an “evolving” document and that the nation’s founders only considered white males with property as persons under the law. . . .

The lesson plan instructs teachers “to reinforce the concept that the U.S. Constitution is a living document” and recommends that “students could investigate an area of debate where the interpretation of an Amendment or amending the Constitution is central to the argument and then debate it in class.” Student Achievement Partners suggests possible areas of debate in which interpretation of an Amendment or actually amending the Constitution are considered are “gun control, balancing the federal budget, gay marriage, or even the legality of selling alcohol.”

The recommended Common Core lesson plan presumes as fact that the Constitution is a “living document,” or one that can be interpreted differently from what was intended by the founders.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, however, challenged this notion and defended an originalist interpretation of the Constitution in a speech titled, “Interpreting the Constitution: A View from the High Court.”

“The Constitution is not a living organism,” stated Scalia. “It’s a legal document, and it says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.” Read entire article.

  June 29, 2014  
Last week - David Perdue on the campaign trail

My personal thoughts.

In case you missed this one. . .  
If you are not already on the Perdue team, I hope you will read this.  If you are not already firmly committed to the other candidate, please visit David’s website, make some inquiries and listen to him speak.  I feel certain if you ever hear him speak and study his platform, you will be impressed as so many of us have been.  As many of you know, I was a big time supporter of Karen Handel in the primary.  However, after Karen did not make it, I spent a great deal of time studying David’s background and getting to know him and his lovely wife Bonnie as well as some of his dedicated staff members and supporters.  

I am a firm believer in term limits and swore years ago to never vote for anyone who has been in Congress for 20 or more years.  We need some new ideas and different approaches in our Senate.   Don’t know about you, but I want someone very different from our current Senator Chambliss.  He always seemed to be so moderate and anxious to “reach across the aisle” to work with the Democrats. Do any of you remember the GA GOP State Convention in 2007 when Chambliss spoke to the convention delegates and was loudly booed because of his liberal stance on immigration?  David has assured us that he will stand strong against illegal immigration – unlike Senator Chambliss back then. 

You are needed to help elect the right person to help take our country back.  For me, my house and many conservative friends that person is David Perdue.  

Click here to read how David Perdue stands on some major issues. 


Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA


Last Week  - David Perdue on the Road



We only have 3 weeks remaining until the runoff on July 22nd. WOW -- Can you believe it?

We’re working hard every day to earn the support of Georgians across our great state. I want to take a minute to give you a quick update on last weeks activities. 

In a runoff you have to measure your success and progress in literally 15 minute intervals, and determine what your doing that day to move the campaign forward and towards victory. That’s what our team does everyday and I want you to be in the loop.

We had some exciting news on many different fronts – a very encouraging poll showing that our message is resonating, volunteers making more than 50,000 phone calls at our field offices, positive media coverage and great events all across Georgia.

Here’s a recap of our travels:  View information and photos.


GA Supreme Court to investigate Speaker David Ralston over complaint
By Aaron Gould Sheinin - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  - June 26, 2013

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston faces possible disbarment and a state Supreme Court investigation over a former client’s complaint that he ignored his case for years.

Ralston, a Blue Ridge Republican, is accused of violating nine Georgia Bar Association rules and of allowing his duties as a legislator “to adversely affect his representation” of his client, according to a copy of the complaint obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution from the Georgia Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court must now appoint a lawyer to continue the investigation and eventually present findings to the Supreme Court, which has ultimate power to discipline a lawyer. Possible punishment includes a range of acquittal, public reprimand or disbarment.

Paul E. Chernak hired Ralston’s law firm after he was injured in a 2006 car accident. Chernak was not at fault. According to the Bar Association’s complaint, forwarded to the Supreme Court on Thursday, Ralston personally became involved in the case in 2008. Chernak filed a lawsuit in 2008 claiming injury and damages from the accident. 
Read more in AJC



Ralston hires attorney to fight bar association complaint

Posted: 6:04 p.m. Friday, June 27, 2014

  Above: Speaker Ralston with his long time friend and colleague, Governor Nathan Deal  ---  Ralston speaks with long time friend and  candidate for GA US Senator Jack Kingston

House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, has hired a private attorney to defend him against charges that as a lawyer he neglected a client and improperly used other clients’ escrow funds to help that client pay for living expenses.

The State Bar of Georgia has asked the state Supreme Court to appoint an investigator, known as a special master, to essentially put Ralston’s behavior on trial. The speaker faces public reprimand or even disbarment if the court rules against him.

James E. Spence Jr., a veteran Decatur attorney who has frequently represented lawyers facing State Bar trouble, will represent Ralston. He could not be reached for comment Friday. But Ralston’s spokesman, Marshall Guest, said Thursday that in the speaker’s 34-plus years as a lawyer “he has shown that he cares very deeply about his clients’ legal rights.”

Spence will square off with Mark F. Dehler of Hiawassee, whom the Supreme Court appointed as special master. Dehler is married to Cathy Cox, a former Democratic secretary of state and gubernatorial candidate who is now president of Young Harris College.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday that Ralston is accused of violating nine State Bar rules, including allegations that he misused a state law that allows lawmakers to postpone legal proceedings when legislative business interferes. Read more in AJC

June 26, 2014
  GA US Senate Race

Radio Interviews with David Perdue and Jack Kingston on FM 103.7 By Martha Zoller and on ZPOLITICS.COM

David Perdue and the Runoff
June 25, 2014
Editor’s Note: We’ve invited Jack Kingston and David Perdue to
appear on North Georgia This Week on FM 103.7.  I sat down
with David Perdue on Wednesday and hope to have a time with
Kingston next week. We made the invitation to both candidates on
the same day. We’ll post the interview here.
Here’s David Perdue
on North Georgia This Week:
Interview with Martha Zoller on
FM 103.7 on ZPolitics website.

Jack Kingston on the Runoff
June 27, 2014


Here’s Jack Kingston for North Georgia This Week:  Interview
with Martha Zoller on FM 103.7 on ZPolitics website

GOP Senate hopeful, Jack Kingston joined North Georgia this
Week in a wide ranging interview about his background, the
attacks against him and his policy initiatives.

Here’s what he had to say:  Interview
Read more news of the day at www.zpolitics.com



June 27, 2014

In case you missed this breaking news about House Speaker Ralston. . .We shall see what happens next.


What first sizzles and then goes ZzzzzzAPPPP??? *


Rumors have it that the mo'fo' lawyer that goes by the name of "David Ralston' (aka as House Speaker Ralston) is the target of an investigation by the State Bar of Georgia who is petitioning the Supreme Court of Georgia for a special master to investigate a pile of allegations totaling approximately 10 ethics violations of state bar rules that Ralston violated during an injury case that he was on the defense side of, and used his legislative position to delay and stall the case....an investigation that could end-up with Ralston being disbarred.

News of this investigation came by way of a Channel 2 News story by Tony Thomas.  More will be available tonight at 11:00 PM on Channel 2 News.  Here is a link to the preliminary story on the WSBTV.com website:


PV Sez:  
Golly, Gee, Wally...one wonders if all those mailers and advertising of the FACTS, along with this little, tiny story written back and published by the Political Vine during the 2014 Primary didn't help in just the tiniest amount to inform someone at the State Bar that Ralston is a slimeball when it comes to his "practice" of the law:


PV Makes An Offer To The State Bar:  Hey, we got more proof than that one example shown on this story of Ralston lying to the Court on the reason why a delay had to happen via his delay-of-action letters.  Let us know if you want that research.  :-)

PV Note to Cade Joiner & Parlay Political, et al.:  Dang...looks like
your whale of a client is about to be harpooned and laid-out in the sun. Ouch! on the potential end of that influence channel.  You folks might be able to rely on Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias to save you and your whale, though, eh?  Does he play those kinds of cheating political games like Ralston does?  Guess we will all find out relatively soon on that score...

* This is the sound one of those bug zappers makes as it attracts the mosquito to itself via that constantly sizzling noise, and then ZAPS!  it dead when it flies into it.
Read more from the Pv website


When will this soccer thing ever end?  Seems like it has been going on FOREVER!
Bring on College Football -- a REAL Sport.

Obama’s Last Day Countdown Clock
The perfect gift for your conservative friends and family

January 20, 2017.  It's the day we've all been waiting for. It's the day we will finally be rid of President Barack Obama.  This desk countdown clock will let you watch the days, hours, minutes, and seconds tick by as we approach the grand day.  If you ever feel like you're not making progress at work, you can just stare at this countdown clock and be content with the fact that we're moving closer and closer to the day Obama is GONE. 4”x2.5”x2”.  Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).  Click here to order for $12.95.


POLL: Ben Carson Surges, a top threat to Hillary Clinton 2015

Read more in Washington Examiner

Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, Obamacare critic and New York Times best-selling author, has become a surprise top challenger to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a 2016 presidential matchup, according to a new poll. 

Rasmussen Reports finds that Carson places just behind Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul as Clinton's closest competitor. In the new poll out Monday, Clinton would beat Carson 45 percent to 38 percent and would beat Paul 46 percent to 39 percent.  Read more

  We plan to see this movie of the year at the
  Mall of Georgia in Buford. Can hardly wait.


In Theaters July 2


Learn more on the America the movie website.
View trailer

Someone once observed: “America is great because she is good; if she ever ceases to be good she will cease to be great.” Today, that notion of the essential goodness of America is under attack, replaced by another story in which theft and plunder are seen as the defining features of American history, from the theft of Native American and Mexican lands and the exploitation of African labor to a contemporary foreign policy said to be based on stealing oil and a capitalist system that robs people of their “fair share.”


Our founding fathers warned us that, although the freedoms they gave us were hard fought, they could very easily be lost. America stands at a crossroads, and the way we understand our past will determine our future. America the movie takes 21st-century Americans into the future by first visiting our past. 

GA U.S. Senate Race - 2014

David Perdue on his ‘outsider’ status — and licking envelopes

AJC by Jim Galloway – June 25, 2014

The month of May was good to David Perdue. He was the cool but non-threatening rebel, a Fonzie who predicted happy days if only Republicans would elect an outsider to the U.S. Senate.

He was the top vote-getter in a seven-candidate field. But a funny thing has happened on the nine-week road to a July runoff. GOP rival Jack Kingston and his allies have given Perdue – he of the turned-up, denim-jacketed collar – an involuntary makeover.

They have turned The Outsider into The Renegade. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent to portray the former Dollar General CEO as the dangerous stranger – think Marlon Brando conquering a small town on his thundering hog.

That turned-up collar: The sign of an outsider — or dangerous stranger?

Kingston has piled up endorsement after endorsement from GOP regulars, each of whom warns that the Fortune 500 executive and first-time candidate could be a chaos-loaded Trojan horse. Their evidence: Perdue has never stuffed a campaign envelope or pounded a campaign sign into the ground, and has been a scofflaw when it comes to paying his GOP dues.
Read much more

We have great news to share! A newly released poll shows us with the lead over Congressman Kingston.
                        David Perdue: 45% 
                        Congressman Kingston: 44% 

       It should be noted that this is the first poll using updated voter data from the primary. It is also the first poll conducted since our campaign went back up on TV with our new ad.
       For the first three weeks of the runoff, Kingston had his Super PAC attacking us and his Washington insider allies running ads supporting him. Despite all of this, we are leading again. 
        It goes to show that David’s conservative outsider message always works when people hear it. We are toe to toe with Jack Kingston and this race could be decided by just a few votes. That means what we do on the ground with person to person contact will decide the outcome of this election. 
       Your help will make the difference in this election. We will win because of the hard work and dedication of our supporters. Every phone call, every postcard, every conversation that spreads our outsider message is what matters in this race. 
       David is traveling around the state daily, and this Saturday one of his stops is the Fulton County Republican Party BBQ. You're invited to come out and join Team Perdue at this event to show your support.

11 AM - 1 PM
Roswell Area Park
10495 Woodstock Rd
Roswell, GA 30075

Please let me know if you have any questions. We're open almost non-stop here at the Atlanta office, so if you're able to help out for a few hours in these final 26 days please let me know! We'd appreciate any time you can give. 

Thanks for all you are doing to help us achieve victory on July 22nd! 

Cody Randall 
Perdue for Senate

David Perdue, candidate for U.S. Senate from GA, at Reception and Fundraiser -- Royal Lakes Club in Flowery Branch. June 25, 2014

The audience had many questions, and they which were all answered completely. Everyone seemed very impressed with what David had to say.  He will serve us well in the U.S. Senate. REMEMBER TO VOTE ON JULY 22 - or vote early.


He was asked to explain Common Core and whether or not he would support it like the Chamber of Commerce, some school board members and some governors do.  He did an excellent job of explaining CC and made it  very clear that he was not supporting it.  Since the Chamber is supporting Kingston big time and paying for some of his expensive TV ads (Herschel Walker), how could he (Kingston) not support CC?

David pointed out that his 88 year old mother who is a retired teacher warned him early on that there was NO WAY he could support Common Core :)

Perdue  had a HUGE crowd Wed. afternoon at  The Villages at Lanier – just a few miles from our house in Hall county.  They were on their way to Atlanta to speak to the Atlanta Young Republicans Wednesday night.

David's beautiful wife Bonnie Perdue was with him and visited with the people attending. She and David are a class act and will present
a very positive conservative and attractive image of Georgia in D.C.


June 21, 2014

Please check out our new microsite
to learn more about
Congressman Kingston’s achievements in Congre


Fundraisers and Receptions in Support of David Perdue

June 25, 2014

 Reception in Support of David Perdue - Hall County
Candidate for U.S. Senate, on Wednesday, June 25, 2014
5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at the Royal Lakes Country Club – 4700 Royal Lakes Drive, Flowery Branch, GA 30542
View Invitation

Betsy Adams, one of the event chairs, has asked me to invite my Republican Friends in this area to come and hear David Perdue speak.  Every time I hear him I become more impressed and feel confident that he would be the best choice for Senator from Georgia. You would be under no obligation to make a donation as indicated on the flyer.  Of course donations are always welcome. Feel free to share this invitation with a friend in Hall County.

Please RSVP to the campaign for a headcount as indicated on the invitation since we may be running out of space J


COME AND LISTEN TO WHAT DAVID HAS TO SAY!  You will not be sorry that you attended.


Hope to see you there.

Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA  - Hall County

Seth and Esther Weathers
Cordially Invite you to attend a Fundraising Reception Honoring

David Perdue, Republican for US Senate

Tuesday, July 1st
6 - 7:30 PM
Pampas Steakhouse

10970 State Bridge  Road, Johns Creek, GA 30022
View Invitation



David Perdue Meet and Greet  Events - June 21, 2014


GREAT Meet and Greet in Lawrenceville on June 21.  

The large audience was most receptive as Davi
d greeted them and gave a thorough update of his promises to Georgia if he is elected. Contrary to remarks by opponents, David Perdue was not at all elitist but very humble and receptive to ideas. The eager audience was obviously very impressed with what they heard and saw -- an experienced successful business man who is accustomed to solving problems and getting the job done. He is worried about what he sees happening to our country and wants to go to the U.S. Senate as an outsider with no political ties to lobbyists or groups like the Chamber of Commerce. He sincerely would like to help take our country back from the downward spiral since Obama took office. He feels it is imperative that we conservative Republicans become the majority in the U.S. Senate in order to save our country!  The audience cheered and applauded that remark. 

Everyone enjoyed meeting David's beautiful wife, Bonnie Perdue, who is his most avid supporter, mother of their two grown sons and a former school teacher.

Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge

on the square in
Lawrenceville, GA

. Linda Williams

Carol Fields

3. David Perdue

Linda Williams and Carol Fields, Managers of the new Perdue campaign headquarters in Lawrenceville, introduce David to the audience. The audience was most attentive and liked what they were hearing!





A few of the many Perdue supporters : 4. Judi Quigley and Beverly Herrington   5. Tom Herrington with Lou and Elbert Durden of Gainesville.  6. David and Bonnie Perdue with new supporter, Bettye Chambers   7. Linda Williams with Bonnie Perdue.


Views of crowd -- Lydia Girolami of Gainesville in black shirt.   Bonnie Perdue chats with Daniel Eginton as David Perdue greets everyone 

Report from the Meet and Greet in Cumming on Saturday morning
by Mike Scupin of the Lanier Tea Party Patriots

There was standing room only today in Cumming for the meet and greet for David Purdue.
Several points need to be made:

In a previous email I indicated that it sounded on WDUN radio as if David would be in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership.  While he never stated that, when I confronted him today he clarified that he realized after the show that he had rambled too much and did not get to the heart of the issue.  I do know that both Ashley Bell and I took from his answer he favored TPP, but what he favors is a level field where our products can compete evenly with other countries and a part of that is lowering the tax on corporations to bring it more in line with where competing countries corporate taxes are.. 

1.  Trans Pacific Partnerships:  I spoke with him at some length both during and after the meeting concerning Trans Pacific Partnerships and his statement on WDUN.  While he favors a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD for world trade he flatly stated that the Trans Pacific Partnership is NOT something that he could vote to approve. 

2.  Common Core:  David spoke at some length on Common Core and the rumors that have been floating around that he favors it.  HE TOTALLY REFUTED THAT AND FLATLY STATED HE IS AGAINST COMMON CORE.  He told a story relating to when the rumor hit the news about his mother, a former teacher, calling him up an fussing him out about it and he had to correct her on his view of Common Core. 

3.  Repeal of 16th Amendment:  I also asked David about repealing this.  He is very much in favor of repealing it whether it is done by Congress sending it to the States or the States doing it themselves if that is the only way to get it done.  He has looked at both the flat tax and fair tax to replace the income tax and is strongly on the side of the FAIR TAX. 

4.  While I am not able to state who I would vote for; I am and have been very concerned ever since Jack Kingston announced he is running because of his troublesome voting record.  Here is one source that judges very strongly using tea party principles and Jack only has a 63% conservative record (http://www.thenewamerican.com/freedomindex/profile.php?id=K000220). 

Another thing that bothers me greatly is the support Jack is getting from the Chamber of Commerce.  They only support people they believe they can control to pass laws that move tax dollars from the citizens to business and this is VERY TROUBLING TO ME.  And then lastly the ESTABLISHMENT IS FIRMLY BEHIND JACK and that too is extremely troublesome. 


As always, please do as much personal research as possible on these people.  I find the best is often face to face.  Unfortunately David has no voting record on which we can judge him and we are left hoping he is a man of integrity that tells us his real beliefs.  Only if he is elected will we know for sure on that issue...

Mike Scupin
Founder & Local Coordinator
Lanier Tea Party Patriots
Gainesville, GA 30506




House Roll Call Vote #300


House Roll Call Vote #267


House Roll Call Vote #322


House Roll Call Vote #463


House Roll Call Vote #489


House Roll Call Vote #261


House Roll Call Vote #580






Pay Raise Votes:

In a recent advertisement from the Perdue campaign it was noted that Congressman Kingston voted to raise his own pay 7 times. Here is the documentation of those 7 votes to show family, friends and neighbors.

From 1999-2007, the years Congressman Kingston was voting to raise his own pay, the national debt increased $5.5 trillion to over $9 trillion. (
U.S. Treasury)  Apparently long-time appropriator Kingston saw the almost 40% increase in the debt as evidence of a job well done.


Best Cartoon of the Week by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle



June 17, 2014

Cartoon of the day
by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle

  Humor from the Patriot Post


click thumbnails to enlarge


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Dear Republican friends -- especially teachers and retired teacher friends

Please take the time to read this article below and let us know what you think.  Is this true in all schools or just some of them?  It really scares and depresses me to see what has happened in our schools since I first started teaching in 1955 in Florida.  As you know, in those days high school classes had a Bible reading and prayer in our home rooms plus the pledge of allegiance to the flag of our country.  When I retired in 1992, I was in tears to see how far our schools had declined.  I understand it is even worse now. The liberal government has taken out God, prayer and in many places the pledge to our flag. Of course I retired from DeKalb County in GA and pray that all schools are not quite at that level.  No wonder so many of our current citizens vote for the likes of Obama. It is very sad, indeed. Please share this information with your family and friends.  

Many thanks to Sue Ella Deadwyler of Georgia Insight for e-mailing this to her huge list.  Thanks, also, to Matt Barber for his article. -- Bettye Chambers, Buford, GA


When God was Kicked out, Atheism Took over and Reprogrammed Youth
Georgia Insight - June 2014
by Sue ella Deadwyler - www.georgiainsight.org

Two years after the Supreme Court defined humanism1 as a religion (Trocaso v. Watkins, 1961), prayer (Engel v. Vitale, 1962) and Bible reading (Abington Township School District v. Schempp, 1963) were ruled unconstitutional in public schools, leaving a void soon filled by the newly defined religion that rejects God and promotes atheistic doctrines contrary to the Bible and U.S. culture.

Professions weren’t listed for Humanist Manifesto I signers in 1933, but the list for the 262 who signed Humanist Manifesto II in 1973 revealed 73 educators.  Meaning, those 73 U.S. educators accepted this doctrine and goal of humanism: “What more daring a goal for humankind than for each person to become in ideal, as well as practice, a citizen of a world community.”

141 signed Humanist Manifesto 2000. Of them, 56 signatories were from the U.S. and half (28) of them were listed as professors or administrators from U.S. colleges and universities. No less than a Harvard professor of education and psychiatry revealed humanism’s plan to reprogram children when he spoke during a childhood education seminar in 1973. He stated:

“Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill, because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural Being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity.  It’s up to you teachers to make all these sick children well by creating the international children of the future.” (Note the all-encompassing goal of humanism.)
Read much more

June 16, 2014

GOP pushes for answers on missing IRS emails

 By Jamie Dupree – Washington Insider
AJC – June 16, 2014

Ridiculing the IRS assertion that a computer crash caused the permanent loss of over two years of emails to and from a key figure in the Tea Party targeting scandal, Republicans moved Monday to get answers as they summoned the IRS chief to two hearings early next week.

 "We are simply not going to accept the IRS claim that these documents are not recoverable," said Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA).

Boustany joined the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), in sending a letter to President Obama on the matter, asking for emails between ex-IRS official Lois Lerner and any Executive Branch officials. Read more

The U.S. Senate race is heating up and there is a horse race to see who will be our strongest FairTax advocate in the U.S. Senate.

It is about a strong economy and "Made in America" jobs!  Only the FairTax can do that!



Dear Friends,

Saturday, June 21 will present an excellent opportunity for you to advocate for the FairTax and learn more about one of those FairTax horses.

I strongly encourage you to attend the following event, advocate for the FairTax, and tell David Perdue that you really appreciate his strong support for the FairTax:


 Meet and Greet with David Perdue

3:00 p.m. Saturday, June 21
La Cazuela Mexican Restaurant
179 W Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30043



C. Tom Brown, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Georgians for Fair Taxation

June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

June 15, 2014

Click on graphic at left to view our 
Father’s Day web page.

 Our Senior Superman --

 "Never fear, Grandpa is

  click on photo to enlarge


June 15, 2014

Bettye Chambers shared David Perdue - U.S. Senate's photo.

 What a great family!


Father's Day Message from Blake & David III Perdue


Our father David Perdue is running for U.S. Senate. Usually these emails come from him and focus on how he’s going to fix the mess in Washington. But not today.

 Both of us have taken jobs in other states and won’t get to see him this Father’s Day. So we wanted to do something unexpected by sending a personal message to let him know how much we appreciate all that he has done for us over the years. We also want Georgians to know the man we know as our dad.

Growing up in the Perdue family was an adventure. We were both born in Cobb County. At the time Dad was working with a manufacturing company and Mom was a teacher. When we were teenagers, Dad received a new challenge and opportunity to open the first Sara Lee office in Asia.

That meant we had to move from Atlanta to Hong Kong - a place where two Georgia teenagers didn’t exactly fit in right away. We can’t say that it was a perfect situation because we missed our friends and our favorite foods, but we took a page from dad by embracing the opportunity. Spending that time with Mom and Dad, we were able to make memories that we will never forget and grew even closer as a family. Still, we were excited to get back to the United States and graduate from high school here.

No matter what new challenge he had accepted, Dad always made time for the important things in life. He coached our sports teams, attended school events, and joined the family for weekend trips. He was even able to convince us that doing yard work and washing the cars were valuable lessons. And, we can still hear many of his words of wisdom. We vowed we never would, but we know we'll be saying the same things to our sons.

Most importantly, Dad taught us the values of honesty, hard-work (if we wanted something we had to work for it), morals and faith. As a Deacon and a Sunday school teacher, dad instilled in us early on the need to trust in God and allow him to lead us in our lives. We live by those same values today and will pass them on to our young sons.

We are both building families of our own now and we are following in Dad’s footsteps by making sure we have our priorities right by putting family first. But just in case we still need some guidance from time to time, D2 (as dad is know in our family now) can give some great fatherly advice while watching the grandkids play.

If Georgians really get to know the man we know as our dad – a man with unwavering character, commitment to family, morals, values and faith – then we have no doubt that he will be successful in this campaign. We know he his running for the right reasons and has the Georgia values that we need more of in Washington.

 Love you Dad!

 Blake & David (D3)


A Southern rift revealed by U.S. House leadership scramble

AP/J. Scott Applewhite – AJC – June 14, 2014

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., walks with Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., right, after the final votes of the week at the Capitol in Washington on Thursday. House Republicans are jockeying for position after Cantor’s stunning primary defeat to an underfunded and unknown political newcomer in the Virginia primary Tuesday.

Read more


June 12, 2014

GA State School Superintendent Forum in Cobb County

   To view the entire video of the debate, click HERE.   http://vimeo.com/97630073

The State School Superintendent race is one of the most important races this year, yet it may be the least followed.  The person we elect for this office will be pivotal in the decisions that affect the education of our children and grandchildren.

On Saturday, the Cobb GOP hosted a full one-hour debate between the two runoff candidates for this position, Richard Woods and Mike Buck.  It turned out to be a very informative event, highlighting very distinct differences in the candidates' positions.  

Since there were only two candidates, they both had plenty of time to express their viewpoints on many topics, such as . . .

The primary role of the State School Superintendent and how this person interacts with the Governor's
  office, the State Legislature and the State Board of Education.

  • Common Core Standards and the new Georgia Measures of Academic Progress (GMAP)

Amount of class time spent in testing  Teacher evaluations  Parents' rights

Charter Schools The QBE Formula and other funding questions Zero tolerance or common sense

Guns in schools

The power of the Internet and social media is phenomenal, so I ask you to help me get the video of this debate out to as many Georgia voters as possible.  Would you please take this link and pass it on to your address book and post on your Facebook page. With your help, we will provide tens of thousands of Georgians with information that will make them more informed voters. 

Thanking you in advance, I am forever grateful.


 Joe Dendy
 Cobb County Republican Party 

(This old former public school teacher will definitely be voting for Mr. Woods! Say NO to Common Core! -- Bettye Chambers)


June 11, 2014 
YEAH!  Great thing happened in this country yesterday.  First time EVER a Republican Majority Leader in the U.S. House was voted OUT.

Eric Cantor of Virginia is Voted out - Dave Brat, an Outsider, is voted in!

The people have spoken loud and clear. The same thing could happen in Georgia's Senate race!

Eric Cantor     --     Dave Brat

▪ Eric Cantor’s Loss – A Major Defeat for Obama’s Amnesty Agenda
June 11, 2014 – Political Insider  Read article

Dave Brat's "Controversial" Platform - read from Rush

     Rush Limbaugh

The Heritage Foundation

Dear Bettye, 

The outcome in the Virginia primary election this week suggests the American people are ready for a radical change that will put us back to on the path that our Founding Fathers intended -- a path where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish.   

While this is inspiring, we still have a long fight ahead of us. And that's why over the next 100 days, The Heritage Foundation will be launching a powerful grassroots surge to saturate the national debate with our conservative solutions.

Solutions that provide genuine leadership based on our founding principles, that will limit the government, promote free enterprise, and provide for a strong national defense. And Heritage is poised to take the reins and provide that leadership.

This election year, we need to get the conservative solutions that will solve our country's problems into the hands of lawmakers, candidates, and the public.

We conservatives need to make sure that we're debating the issues on our terms, not on those of the left -- or the Washington establishment.

We need to take action right now so our research and information can shape the debate before November's elections. Heritage will show that our well-researched, principled plans will replace government dependency with opportunity and prosperity. And since our schedule is time sensitive, please click here now to see how you can help.

>> Find out how to ensure your ideas can continue to win

Thank you, as always, for being a part of what makes our country great.

Jim DeMint

The Heritage Foundation | 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE | Washington, D.C. 20002 | (800) 546-2843

You are subscribed to Heritage Foundation e-mails as bcnole@bellsouth.net. If you want to change your e-mail preferences, please click here to update your subscription.

June 11, 2014

Dear Patriot,
Last night, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary to Dave Brat because of the hard work and dedication of the grassroots activists in the 7th District of Virginia.

Cantor is one of the top leaders of the GOP establishment in Washington and a major supporter of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Cantor’s loss is a big win in the battle against amnesty, but the fight isn't over.

Call the following representatives who have been the strongest supporters of amnesty and tell them that Eric Cantor’s loss last night represents a resounding call from the people to Congress to stop trying to pass any form of amnesty this year. The establishment needs to know that this is what happens when they don't listen to us, the people. Tell them it’s time to start listening to the people.
Rep. John Boehner (866) 298-0673
Rep. Paul Ryan (866) 297-7398
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (866) 297-6634
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (866) 297-5610
Rep. Paul Gosar (855) 898-5807
Rep. Trey Gowdy (855) 895-9584
Grassroots conservatism isn’t on the wane; it’s getting stronger and stronger. Whether the GOP establishment is listening remains to be seen but what happened in Virginia last night is getting their attention!

In Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

P.S. Please forward this email to 10 of your friends and ask them to call those representatives and tell them to back down from any form of amnesty!
Tea Party Patriots, Inc. operates as a social welfare organization organized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Tea Party Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.

Copyright © Tea Party Patriots, Inc. 2014
Tea Party Patriots
1025 Rose Creek Drive
Ste 620-322
Woodstock, GA  30189
Support: 404-593-0877


Paul Broun is job hunting, not endorsing!   (Good for Dr. Broun! So refreshing to find a candidate wise enough not to endorse one Republican over another Republican in the primaries.)

 By Daniel Malloy of the AJC

 WASHINGTON – The other top-tier Georgia GOP Senate candidates and most of the state’s Republican Congressional delegation have lined up behind Jack Kingston ahead of the July 22 runoff, except for Paul Broun.

So we asked Broun today if he plans to endorse in the runoff, or in the 10th District race to replace him. Broun’s reply: “Right now I’m focusing on finding a job for starting next year and winding up our campaign.” Read more

June 11, 2014

Message from David Perdue


As we saw last night in Virginia,
our outsider message is powerful. The Majority Leader of the House of Representatives was defeated in the primary by a conservative outsider who won with the simple message that 14 years in Washington was enough. 

I believe the improbable victory was a clear rejection on the establishment and career politicians. The same anti-establishment sentiment is being felt all across the country, and on July 22nd we have an opportunity in Georgia to say 22 years in Washington is enough for my opponent Congressman Kingston.

As I travel across our state, I'm hearing from Georgians who are ready for fresh faces and new ideas in Washington. They don’t want to send back the same people who have created the mess we're in today. 

Congressman Kingston's 22 years of liberal spending have driven the federal debt to over $17 trillion. Over his long career, he has voted for thousands of wasteful earmarks, to raise the debt ceiling multiple times, and even to increase his own pay.

We can send a message to Washington insiders like Congressman Kingston that we won’t accept six more years of business as usual. You can start TODAY by requesting your absentee ballot. 

We have no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia, so if you're not sure whether you'll be in town on July 22nd please request your ballot today to make sure your vote is counted in this election.

The process is simple. First, print your absentee ballot application here: http://sos.ga.gov/admin/files/absentee_ballot_app.pdf

After filling out the application, mail it to your County Registrar’s Office. You can find your Registrar’s address by selecting your county here: http://sos.ga.gov/cgi-bin/countyregistrarsindex.asp

The Registrar will mail your absentee ballot within a week. Then simply vote and mail your ballot back to the address provided.  If you have any questions, please call our office at 678-248-6444.

Bonnie and I are grateful for your continued prayers and support. Together, we'll change Washington and send a message to career politicians. 


David Perdue


Paid for by Perdue for Senate  |  3110 Maple Drive, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30305  |  info@perduesenate.com  |  678-248-6444



June 9, 2014

▪ Bonnie Perdue, wife of Senate Candidate David Perdue, speaks at Greater
  Gwinnett Republican Women's Club on June 9, 2014 at O'Charley's in


Peg Murray, President of Greater Gwinnett Republican Women, welcomed and introduced Bonnie Perdue and gave some interesting biographical highlights of her background

Bonnie Perdue, a former public school teacher, did a fantastic job addressing the women of GGRW on Monday evening!  It appeared  everyone felt that they knew her and her husband much better after her presentation. We had more people than usual, and some of them came just to meet Bonnie. Many thanks to Bonnie and Austin Chambers for speaking to the club on behalf of the David Perdue campaign. After her very effective presentation, she answered many questions. Read news from the campaign trail.

Below is part of the attentive audience listening to Bonnie Perdue and Mike Beaudreau



Mike Beaudreau, who is in a runoff for 9th District GA Senate Race on July 22, spoke extensively about his campaign and his plans if elected.  He spent a great deal of time lamenting the poor turn out on May 20.  He emphasized the urgent need for voters to turn out on July 22. He fears that many voters have just about given up on our electoral process due to the intense amount of anger, sleazy flyers and robo calls geared to bring down opponents instead of positively saying what they will do if elected. He urged everything to help get out the vote on July 22 and not to give up and stay home. The loud applause signaled that this audience agreed with Mike and were behind him all the way.

Attending with Mike were his wife Tegwen and his beautiful little daughter Maggie. Tegwen is a former President of GGRW.

June 9, 3014  
Georgia State School Superintendent Race

Hi, Everyone,

Please put July 22nd on your calendar as that is the primary runoff date.  There will, also, be early voting.  Your vote is VERY IMPORTANT for the future of our American students. 

 Richard Woods is very much in favor of local control and standards that can be adapted to fit the needs of individual students. He wants to withdraw Georgia from Common Core Standards.  Parents should be free to help their children with math homework as they won't be trying to do "fuzzy math".  Common Core math stresses the "process" of getting the right answer and not on good clear, sure, effective ways to teach math to get the right answer. 

Mr. Buck is in favor of keeping Common Core Standards and letting far-away bureaucrats decide a one size that they think can fit all, without taking into consideration the learning styles and abilities of the individual students.   Common Core Standards emphasize conforming to group thinking and not stressing the right of the individual to be creative and motivated to become leaders.  Common Core Standards will be very costly to instruct teachers, provide new materials and expensive testing.  Data will be collected on students that will follow him from preschool to the workforce.  Students under Common Core will not be prepared for 4 year colleges with emphasis on Math, Engineering, Technology and Science. 

You can watch the debate between Richard Woods and Mike Buck from a link here. I hope you can see Richard Woods needs to be our GA state school superintendent to withdraw GA from Common Core Standards.  Please be an advocate for the children of GA.


Please try to contribute to Richard Woods campaign for GA State School Superintendent.  You can go on his website or just send a check payable to:


Woods for Georgia Education

23 Wood Duck Way

Tifton, GA 31794


Since Dr. Buck is a staunch defender of Common Core, he can expect contributions from the big-money interests behind the national standards. Richard, on the other hand, must rely on the grassroots for his support. Please read about this fundraising effort and consider making a generous contribution:



June Miller
Retired Teacher

Bettye Chambers
Retired Teacher



June 9, 2014 -

Message from Donald Cole of Cordele, GA , a long time GA GOP activist

Dear Friends, 

Don Cole headshot

Don Cole

I think that by now everyone knows that I support David Perdue for US Senate.  America faces a serious crisis and I attribute much of our problem to a culture in Washington, DC that is nurtured by establishment and special interest groups.  

There are some fresh faces in Washington like Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and others who are trying to turn the tide.  I believe that David Perdue will be right in there working with these principled men. 

He will use his background and experience to reduce taxes, set business free from overbearing regulators, and set the American entrepreneur loose to grow the economy.  He is not running for the power, prestige, or position.  

Enough for now about why I support David Perdue. The breaking story yesterday in the Atlanta Journal is more than just political nitpicking.  Investigators are looking into the sources of the number 1 and number 4 top donations to Jack Kingston. 

Khalid A. Satary is a convicted felon and a Palestinian that the US has been trying to deport for several years. Our country can't seem to find a country willing to let him enter.  (Perhaps we could trade him for the Marine held in Mexico - but that's another story.)

Apparently some time last year a group from Gwinnett county held a fundraiser for Jack.  Nothing unusual about this.  Jack is in a statewide race and the votes are in the metro Atlanta area.  

This Senate race has been wide open and fast paced so there are probably many fundraising events put together by people that Jack hardly knew and may have never met. Channel 2 news showed a photo of Jack standing with the son of Khalid A. Satary at one of the fundraisers. 

A photo with someone at an event like this is not evidence of any kind of friendship. Supporters are always asking if they can get a picture with important figures. Jack is a friendly, welcoming, kind of person and he would consider it very rude to shun anyone who wanted to stand with him for a photo.

What it looks to me like is someone who supports Jack Kingston put together a fundraiser and raised over $80,000.00 from employees or consultants directly associated with two companies that are owned by or have some kind of direct connection with Khalid A. Satary..  From what I can tell, Mr. Khalid A. Satary did not make a contribution himself. As a foreign national, he cannot legally contribute to a federal candidate.  

Jack Kingston told the AJC reporter when asked about it, that he was just now hearing about this.  He said that out of an abundance of caution, he ordered his campaign to return the donations.  I think that Jack is due some benefit of the doubt about this.  

I do see some lingering and unsettling questions for Jack though.  

First, the maximum donation allowable for any individual is $2,600.  In order to raise over $80,000, it would take at a minimum about 30 donors giving the maximum.  

Having been around political fundraising, I can assure you that when someone makes a maximum contribution, they will hear from someone high in the campaign, most likely the candidate. In fact, when the candidate learns that someone "could possibly" give the maximum, that name will go on the candidate's call list.  We call it "dialing for dollars."  I find it difficult to  believe that someone raised over $80,000 and Jack knew nothing about some of the big donors and the connection with Khalid A. Satary. 

Second, each contributor must provide their place of employment.  That is how the AJC learned about Khalid A. Satary.  When the number one source of contributions comes from employees of a single company owned by Khalid A. Satary and then the number four source of the top contributions comes from employees of another company owned by Khalid A Satary, I find it hard to swallow that someone didn't raise a flag somewhere. 

Finally, Jack said that he heard about some conflict among a few of the donors back in April. He hired an attorney to look into the conflict to be sure that he was strictly following Federal Election Rules.   So, there obviously was some light shed on a problem of some kind two months ago.  

How is it that an AJC reporter is able to connect the dots of the number 1 and number 4 donors to a US Senate campaign more effectively than Jack's own staff and hired attorney?  How is it that someone on Jack's staff looking into whatever conflict there was among the donors was not able to raise a red flag immediately and say, "Kingston, we have a problem!"? 

I know how hectic and chaotic campaigns can be.  Jack Kingston deserves some benefit of doubt in this matter.  

The benefit is stretched to the limit and beyond to believe that no one on Jack's team could connect the dots given the number and amount of donations coming from two companies owned by Khalid A. Satary.  

 The benefit is stretched to the limit and beyond to believe that Jack himself did not talk personally with some of these donors to ask for or thank them for their generous donation.  

The benefit is stretched to the limit and beyond to believe that Jack's team was unable to connect the dots last April when there was a conflict among the donors.  

Jack now says that out of an abundance of caution, they are returning all of the donations.  It would have been so much easier to give the full benefit of doubt if he would have done that last April. 

If we want different results from Washington, we need to send a different kind of person to Washington. I support David Perdue.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts.  I always enjoy hearing back from you.  





Donald E. Cole




Absentee Voting - July 22, 2014

Dear friends

We're only six weeks away from the July 22nd Republican primary runoff, and our campaign’s message is more powerful than ever. As evidenced by our strong first place finish in the primary, Georgians are ready for a conservative outsider because they are fed up with Washington. 

The choice in this primary is clear. We're up against a 22-year congressman whose record of liberal spending has gotten our country into the mess we're in today. The federal debt ballooned by $13 trillion on his watch. I don't think we can expect him to fix it. 

It’s going to take an outsider with the right experience and conservative values to solve the problems that big spending career politicians like Congressman Kingston created. That's why I'm asking for your support and vote today in this primary runoff election. 

Turnout was extremely low in the primary, and we expect even fewer people to vote in the runoff. Absentee by-mail voting has already started and you can request your ballot today.

We have no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia, so if you're not sure whether you'll be in town on July 22nd please request your ballot today to make sure your vote is counted in this election.

The process is simple. First, print your absentee ballot application here: http://sos.ga.gov/admin/files/absentee_ballot_app.pdf

After filling out the application, mail it to your County Registrar’s Office. You can find your Registrar’s address by selecting your county here: http://sos.ga.gov/cgi-bin/countyregistrarsindex.asp

The Registrar will mail your absentee ballot within a week. Then simply vote and mail your ballot back to the address provided.  If you have any questions, please call our office at 678-248-6444.

Bonnie and I are grateful for your continued prayers and support. Through true conservative principles, we'll change Washington. 


David Perdue


June 7 - 8, 2014   

GA U.S Senate Runoff Race 2014

Congressman  Jack Kingston

David Perdue


Kingston donors linked to felon

Senate candidate returns thousands from donors with links to Palestinian national under U.S. deportation order, after questions from AJC
Updated: 4:55 p.m. Friday, June 6, 2014  |  Posted: 12:05 p.m. Saturday, June 7, 2014

 Click on invitation to read


The top contributors to Rep. Jack Kingston’s Senate campaign come from two companies linked to a felon the U.S. government has been trying to deport for the past six years, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has found.

In late 2013, Kingston, an 11-term Republican congressman from Savannah, took in $80,052 in contributions from employees, their family members, consultants and contractors of two virtually unknown Gwinnett County companies: Confirmatrix Laboratories, a 2-year-old firm that performs urine and drug testing, and Nue Medical Consulting, a medical billing company founded last September.

Both companies are linked to Khalid A. Satary, a Palestinian also known as DJ Rock, who served more than three years in federal prison for running a large-scale counterfeit CD operation in the metro Atlanta area. Satary was released from prison in 2008.

“Since that time, ICE has sought to secure travel documents from Israel, Egypt and the Palestinian Liberation Organization in order to return Mr. Satary to the Gaza Strip,” said Vincent Picard, spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE has had no luck getting the needed travel documents to expel Satary and released him from federal custody under an “order of supervision,” which places certain conditions on his continued stay in the United States. Picard said ICE continues to work to deport Satary – Read entire story on MyAjc.com and view photos. There was a huge full page coverage on this in the Sunday paper edition.


I have been a huge supporter of Herman Cain for many  years. Herman helped convince me that we need a conservative OUTSIDER business man like David Perdue  who can shake things up in the U.S. Senate.  We do not need any more lifetime career politicians in D.C. who have been there over 20 years.  We are overwhelmed with them now.  Since our Congress only has an approval rating of 13%, endorsements by long time members of the Congress do not mean very much to most thinking Republicans.
-- Bettye Chambers, Buford, GA

June 7, 2014

       UPDATE FROM Greater Gwinnett Republican Women! 

       July 22, 2014 runoff and Nov. 4 General Election --
        MOST important elections!


Bonnie Perdue, wife of Senate Candidate David Perdue will also be speaking to the GGRW club on Monday evening, June 9, 2014. Come out and meet Mrs. Perdue!

t the Monday June 9 meeting to address the club and answer questions about her husband’s candidacy. Mike Beaudreau, candidate for state senate, in the July 22 runoff, will also be a guest of GGRW.  Don’t miss this politically important meeting to help you, the voters, decide.  (Brought to you by an engaged Greater Gwinnett Republican Women’s Club.) The meeting will be held at O’Charley’s in Lawrenceville.  Social hour before 7 pm, meeting starts at 7:30. Read more on website www.GGRW.org

Latest  -- Gov. Nathan Deal pick brings another ex-senator into the fold

 Updated: 5:26 p.m. Sunday, June 8, 2014  |  Posted: 11:20 a.m. Sunday, June 8, 2014

 By James Salzer - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Gov. Nathan Deal’s appointment of former South Georgia Sen. Greg Goggans to the state dentistry board Friday continued a trend of former senators returning to state government in one form or another.

Of 34 Republican state senators in 2009, about 60 percent — 20 — have left the chamber (and at least three more are leaving at the end of this year). About two-thirds of those are back involved in state government, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis.

Some have been appointed to high-paying jobs by Deal, some have been appointed to boards, some have run for and won other posts in government, and some are or will be shortly lobbying the same senators they once called colleagues. – Read entire article

▪ Common Core dominates school chief candidates’ debate Sat. in Cobb County

By Nicolas Fouriezos - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – June 8, 2014

 Richard Woods                    Michael Buck

 A debate Saturday between the two Republican candidates still competing for state school superintendent focused on Common Core standards, charter schools and testing practices.

 Mike Buck, a political neophyte but 33-year school system veteran, finished first in the GOP primary due to support from groups ranging from traditional educators to the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. His opponent, longtime educator Richard Woods, finished second while courting favor with new educators set on making changes. Their July 22 runoff will determine who gets their party’s nomination. Mike Buck, the acting chief of staff for current state school Superintendent John Barge, presents his case for replacing his boss ... read more

Questions Saturday at the Cobb County Republican Party headquarters in Marietta centered on the national set of academic standards called Common Core and testing keyed to those standards.

 Some view Buck, the acting chief of staff for current state school superintendent John Barge, as an agent of the status quo, partly because he supports the already-implemented Common Core standards.“We have to raise the rigor of the tests. The old testing format was outdated,” Buck said. “We are into our third year of implementation. The teachers and students don’t need us to rip out the standards and start new.”

Woods disagreed, citing the Constitution – a recurring source cited by the former social studies teacher – as grounds to dismiss Common Core and adopt what he considers a more tailored testing process. Read complete article

Editor's note:  I have read a great deal about Richard Woods and attended an event in Flowery branch where he spoke and answered many of our questions.  I am a retired teacher, and Mr. Woods answered to my complete satisfaction. Mr. Buck did not. It is very rare that I speak with a candidate for this position who is on the same page with me. How refreshing!


How Obama’s media strategy unraveled with prisoner swap

By John Podhoretz - New York Post

June 7, 2014 | 11:41am

What happens when the world’s greatest spin doctor commits malpractice — on himself?

That is the question that now bedevils Barack Obama after what have been, without a doubt, the worst weeks of his presidency.

From the Veterans Administration scandal to the jaw-dropping events surrounding the swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the man with the most remarkable intuitive grasp of how to preserve and enhance his own image the world has ever seen has now tarnished it almost beyond recognition.

Who would have expected such a development? From the speech in 2004 that made him a rising star through the campaign in 2008 that made him president, Obama was the most formidable political propagandist of all time.

An unabashed liberal and among the most nakedly partisan politicians in this country’s history, Obama came to fame in ’04 loudly declaiming that we are not red states or blue states, but the United States. He knocked off Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries by using the mechanisms his party had put in place to empower its left wing — while claiming to be a more unifying figure than she.

In June ’08, he began speaking at a podium with a decal resembling the presidential seal on it, a brilliant way of planting the suggestion that his election was a foregone conclusion.
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 Ambassador Susan Rice on release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl



June 6, 2014

▪ Remembering D-Day

Seventy years later we remember the incredible and heroic actions taken by our troops to protect and defend freedom across the globe. Let us never forget the sacrifices that so many have made to to keep us free. May God bless the greatest generation and May God continue to the bless the United States of America.  -- David Perdue



▪ D-Day: Then and now

Reuters photographer Chris Helgren compiled a series of archive pictures taken during the 1944 Normandy invasion and then went back to the same places to photograph them as they appear today. Move the slider at the center of each composite photo to compare the images.
Click here to view many.


▪ Peter Thomas at Naples D-Day event: 'Never forget the soldiers of all our wars'

By JOHN OSBORNE  Naples Daily News
Posted June 6, 2014 at 1:06 p.m., updated June 6, 2014 at 3:14 p.m.


Peter Thomas posed for pictures with fellow World War II veterans and many others following his speech at Hodges University's 70th D-Day anniversary observance ceremony, on Friday, June 6, 2014.

— As he’s done so many times in the past, famed documentary narrator and World War II veteran Peter Thomas used his award-winning voice Friday to speak for the voiceless.

Thomas spoke at a D-Day event at the Hodges University campus in North Naples. But this time, it wasn’t as easy for him to speak as it usually is.

“I’ve done a lot of talking in my career, and this is the first time I felt I couldn’t talk,” a visibly touched Thomas told a gathering of hundreds shortly after he was welcomed as keynote speaker for the university’s observance of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. “It’s overwhelming.” Read more


Reagan D-Day Speech June 6th, 1984 - 40th Anniversary

Standing on the very spot on the northern coast of France where Allied soldiers had stormed ashore to liberate Europe from the yoke of Nazi tyranny, President Ronald Reagan spoke these words to an audience of D-Day veterans and world leaders. They were gathered at the site of the U.S. Ranger Monument at Pointe du Hoc. Following this speech, the President unveiled memorial plaques to the 2nd and 5th U.S. Army Ranger Battalions. The President and Mrs. Reagan then greeted each of the veterans.
Read entire speech and listen to audio

June 5, 2015

A Tribute to President Ronald Reagan


On June 5, 2004 President Ronald Reagan died after battling Alzheimer’s disease. Ten years later, his legacy lives on through the conservative principles he espoused. Every year at this time I post a link to the web page I put together during the week of his funeral in 2004, and I still cry. Oh, how we miss him! 
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Why Reagan Lives on 10 Years After Death

June 5, 2014

Toons of the Times

Prisoner Swap - 2014 Elections - VA Disaster

A good cartoon may be worth 1,000 words and is so much easier to read



Brains of elderly slow because they know so much
from www.telegraph.co.uk

The brains of older people only appear to slow down because they have so much information to compute, much like a full-up of a computer hard drive. So say scientists. Read Complete Article.

Sounds good to me since I had been out checking  local Alzheimer homes



May 26


May 26, 2014

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May 20 - 21, 2014

May 20, 2014 Republican Primary Wrapup 
Surprising results -- Horribly low turnout !!

I’m guessing there are many hangovers this morning.

General Primary/ election results . To view the results of the 2014  General Primary/Nonpartisan
    election click here

Gwinnett to play role in primary runoff contests
    Gwinnett Daily Post, May 23 by Camie Young - excellent article!

▪ May 20 - Primary - Election results Summary
       ▪ July 22 - Primary Runoff
       ▪ Nov. 4 - General Election
Dec. 2 - State and Local  
         General Runoff Date

Republican Ballot
GA -  My Voter Page
More about elections on GA S.O.S.  website

  • Jim Galloway makes sense of the results for GOP-Sen, GOP-Gov and DEM-4th CD.

  • Nunn’s “narrow path” to victory. 

  • Nate Cohn says Perdue and Kingston “are not especially strong candidates” and implies Nunn is. Has he missed how she has all the personality of a wall, is not photogenic and seemingly has no opinions on anything–and she still can’t articulately say nothing? Am I missing something here? I seem to be the only person who doesn’t think highly of her or her electoral prospects. (Peach Pundit post :)


May 10, 2014


Click on graphic at left to view Mother’s Day
Fun web page. Speakers on for music.

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day Weekend.



Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA

May 5, 2014 -


Former GA State GOP Chair Sue Everhart endorses

Conservative Ashley Bell for State School Superintendent


Former three-term Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman, Sue Everhart came out with a strong endorsement of Republican Ashley Bell and had harsh words for his critics.
Sue Everhart, the popular former Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman endorsed Republican Ashley Bell for State School Superintendent.  Everhart said, “Ashley Bell is a constitutional conservative Republican who has worked tirelessly for this state and for the Republican Party.  His work as a Charter School Chair in Hall County sets the standard for Charter Schools in Georgia.  I enthusiastically give my wholehearted endorsement to Ashley Bell and I ask Georgia Republicans to do the same. ” 

Read much more of this endorsement -- visit his website  http://ashleybell.com/meet-ashley/

  April 15, 2014


LTPP - Tax Day Rally


Lie of the Year



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